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Get Psyched. Fundraising With A Skreened Campaign Is Fast, Simple & Fun.

You're a click away from creating a personalized campaign that redefines online fundraising. We’re pumped to let you in on what sets Skreened fundraising apart:

  • Everything earned goes directly into your ledger. There is no minimum fundraising requirement. It’s that simple. The potential of your campaign is limitless.
  • There are no upfront or back end costs. All a campaign takes is your time.
  • Your campaign is risk-free. We shoulder all production, shipping and customer service concerns. You're free to focus on your #1 Priority: broadcasting your mission statement to the world.
  • We're ethical because we care about our impact as much as you care about yours. With sweatshop-free apparel and sustainable printing practices, we share your mission to make the world a better place.
  • We give you the tools to reach your goals, the inspiration to keep going, and the ethical means for that job-well-done warm, fuzzy feeling at the end of the day.

I've had a wonderful experience with—both in hosting my own shop and in the quality of product & customer service.”

–Andrea J.


3 Simple Steps To Launch Your Campaign


Create your own shop and set your commission.

  • Choose your shop name, shop URL and unique tags. These will guide donors (and soon-to-be donors) to your campaign.
  • Share the heart of your campaign in your shop description. Making your mission and goals clear will help donors engage with your campaign.
  • Set your commission. There is no limit—raise as much as you need on each order.

Everything that matters is in your hands.

Outfit your cause with designs that inspire.

Place them on our cozy, trendy apparel (all of which is ethically sourced). Create a statement look that brings your cause to the world.

Let your imagination speak as loudly as your mission statement.

Promote and watch your donations roll in!

Promoting is best tailored to each campaign's needs. You can tackle social media, blogs, radio, press, TV and good ol' word of mouth.

The more you put out into the world, the more reward you'll see. If you're wondering where to start, see How To Promote Like A Pro.


A Skreened Campaign Is Your Campaign

Setting up a campaign on Skreened is free.
Make a difference without spending a dime.

No arbitrary goal-setting.
There's no limit to what you can raise. There's also no minimum. Whatever time and effort you put into your campaign, you keep the reward.

Your personal shop and URL are established by you.
Having control of your campaign's name and address make it easy to feature your work when you promote.

We fulfill orders from beginning to end.
We process, produce, ship and provide excellent customer service to your supporters along the way. You won't sweat any production or distribution stress.

You choose.
What styles to feature, which designs to use and how much commission to collect on each sale—it's all in your hands. This is personalized fundraising at its best.


Who Fundraises On Skreened?

Non Profits

Both small and large-scale non profits have seen success on Skreened. With no overhead costs, fundraising online with custom apparel is not only risk-free, it engages your audience by thinking outside the box.

Runs & Walks

Make your mission personal with designs supporters can wear on the big day. Custom shirts rally your participants with a keepsake for your cause.

Creative Projects

The arts always need support. Tap into our global community (and send word to your local audience) to bring in the love your project deserves.


Traditional school fundraising can get bogged down with paperwork and planning. An online campaign makes fundraising easily accessible to all students, faculty, parents and the community.


Need help raising support for your next tournament or trip? Maybe extra help paying for dues and for rental spaces? Custom apparel fundraising meets your goals while raising awareness for what makes your club awesome.


Sports are all about teamwork. Get fans in on the love by creating an awesome design they can wear as a thanks for their support.


Take the hassle out of organizing promotional materials for fundraising events. Direct donors to your online shop and use the time you save to enjoy your hard work.


Double your volunteer efforts by letting an online shop fundraise while you give back. As soon as your shop launches, the world at large can contribute to your mission and help meet your goals.