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41.6 Days Of Creativity

Day 1: Cheerleaders

There are a lot of stereotypes hanging around Cheerleaders, which is totally weird because, like, they aren't even that popular. Let your inner art school student honor the royalty of the fields and courts where athletic elite battle for sweet, sweet victory. Because no matter which locker you loitered around in high school, you can appreciate the eternal role of the Cheerleader: providing a smile for the home team, win, lose or draw.


Feature Highlight

Work freely as you upload as many design elements (text, images and clip art) as you wish. Craft their placement with your keen artist’s eye. Remember, someone will wear your wonderful creation, so make sure your design stands out when placed on a shirt!

Quickly rotate and reposition elements by clicking and dragging them around the design field. Note that any part of your design that falls outside of this boundary will not print in its final production.

For specific adjustments, look to the individual tool box that pops up when an object is highlighted. This will allow you to move artwork to the back of the shirt, align it horizontally and vertically, and even remove it should you need to go back to the drawing board. Our navigation tools let you mix it up until every element of your design has found its happy home.

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