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Social Media 101: Pinterest - Part Five


What we’re covering:

Posting Strategy

  1. Best Time to Pin
  2. Sharing Via Email, Social Media, or Embed
  1. Sharing Via @Mention
  2. Sharing Via Email
  3. Sharing Via Facebook
  4. Sharing Via Twitter
  5. Sharing Via Embed





Posting Strategy

A. Best Time To Pin


The best time to pin is when your intended audience will see it. Overall, it’s always good to pin early in the afternoon (2PM-4PM) or later in the evening (8PM-1AM).


PRO TIP:  On other social channels, uploading several posts one right after each other could cause some followers to unfollow. Pinterest is the exception when it comes to post frequency so Pin away!




B. Sharing Via Email, Social Media, or Embed


When on a Pin’s page, you have the option to share it outside of Pinterest on your other social networks (Facebook and Twitter), embed into your website, or via email.




i. Sharing Via @Mention


1. To share via @mention, click the Send button

2. Type the username within the search bar. Results will automatically appear.

2. Select the appropriate account to message.




ii. Sharing Via Email


1. To share via email, click the Send button, then select Send to an email address.

2. Type the Recipient’s name and email. You can also include a brief message.

3. Click Email Pin.




iii. Sharing Via Facebook


1. To share via Facebook, click the  button and click the Facebook button.

2. A pop up window will appear. Log into Facebook if you are not already.

3. Type out your message.

4. Click Share.





iv. Sharing Via Twitter


1. To share via Twitter, click the  button and click the Twitter button.

2. A pop up window will appear. Log into Twitter if you are not already.

3. Type out your message and add relevant #hashtags.

4. Click Share.


PRO TIP: Use an URL shortener like to save room for your tweet. It’s free and has built in analytic tracking information!





v. Sharing Via Embed


1. To share via Embed, click the  button and click the Embed button.

2. It will take you to the Widget Builder. Choose from: Pin It Button, Follow Button, Pin Widget, Profile Widget, or Board Widget

3. Click your choice. The HTML code will be provided under the heading Insert the Link

4. Copy and Paste the link within your website coding where you’d like the button/widget to appear.