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Social Media 101: Pinterest - Part Four


What we’re covering:

How to Use Boards

  1. Create a Board
  2. Edit a Board
  3. Change Board Cover
  4. Rearrange Your Boards





How to Use Boards

A. Create A Board


A board is a set of pins. You can create a board for any topic. You can add as many pins to a board as you want.

PRO TIP: Board Cover dimensions are 222 pixels x 207 pixels.


  1. Click your name in the profile menu to go to your profile.
  2. Click Create a Board.
  3. Choose a name and category for your board.
  4. Click Save Changes when you're finished.

PRO TIP: Whatever you title your board will be used as part of the Pinterest URL. Use keywords in both your title. Board descriptions have the same 500 character limit but avoid #hashtags because they are not automatically linked to Pinterest search results.



You can also add a new board while you're pinning:

  1. Open the board picker
  2. Type a title for your new board in the Create New Board field
  3. Click Create




B. Edit A Board


  1. Go to the board and click Edit
  2. Or, open up the board and click Edit Board
  3. Make any changes to the board info
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Use the Delete Board button if you want to permanently delete your board

PRO TIP: When you delete a board, all the pins on that board are deleted as well. It cannot be undone. Be careful!



C. Change Board Cover


Board covers default to the first pin on the board, or you can choose your own:

  1. Hover over the board and click Change Cover
  2. Scroll through your pins and pick your cover
  3. Click Save Changes when you're done




D.  Rearrange Your Boards


  1. Click your name in the profile menu to go to your profile
  2. Drag your boards to rearrange them – Your arrangement will save automatically



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