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Social Media 101: Pinterest - Part One


What we’re covering:


Create An Account

  1. Connect to Facebook Or Twitter
  2. Finding Friends
  3. Following User or Individual Boards





Create an Account

A. Connecting to Facebook or Twitter


  1. Go to and click Join Pinterest.
  2. Sign up using Facebook, Twitter or your email address.
  3. Enter your username, email address and password you'll use for Pinterest.
  4. Click Create Account.




Before you can share pins on Facebook or Twitter, you'll need to connect your Pinterest profile to those accounts.

  1. Hover over the profile menu and click Settings
  2. Switch Login with Facebook or Login with Twitter to Yes
  3. Click Save Settings




B. Finding Friends


Connecting your Facebook / Twitter accounts make it easier to find and follow people from your social networks.

  1. Hover over the profile menu and click Find Friends
  2. Connect to Facebook or Twitter to see who of your friends are on Pinterest
  3. Click Follow under your friend's name to follow all of their boards
  4. Add your Pinterest username to the Employee User Name List and follow some of your fellow coworkers boards.


PRO TIP: Be social! Don’t just repin. Leave comments and start a conversation.




C. Following User or Individual Boards




Following a person means you'll see that person's pins in your home feed. If he/she creates a new board, you'll automatically follow it. Following a board means you see new pins added to that board in your home feed.  


1. To follow all of a person's boards, click Follow All on their profile page.

2. To follow specific boards, click Follow at the bottom of the board.

Note: You can unfollow people or boards at any time – the person won't be notified.



Next Up in Part Two: Pins and Pinning