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Social Media 101: Pinterest - Part Two


What we’re covering:


Pins and Pinning

  1. Upload a Pin / Upload From a Website
  2. Using #Hashtags and @Mentions
  3. Repining a Pin






Pins and Pinning

A. Upload a Pin / Upload From a Website


A pin is an image or video you add to Pinterest. You can add a pin from a website using the Pin It button or from the site's URL, or you can upload an image right from your computer. All pins link back to their original source.

You can only pin JPG, PNG, and GIF image files. You can upload a high resolution image, but you'll notice a change in quality once you upload the file.

PRO TIP: The maximum image width on the Stream page is 192 pixels. The maximum image width on the Pin page is 554 pixels. Anything wider will be resized.


Find a pin from a website:

  1. Hover over the profile menu and click Add pin
  2. Type in the website's address
  3. Click Find Images

PRO TIP: YouTube / Vimeo videos are embedded and can be watched on the site.


Upload a pin from your computer:

  1. Hover over the profile menu and click Add pin
  2. Click Choose Pin and find the file on your computer
  3. Choose the board you'll pin to and add a description to your pin
  4. Click Pin It

PRO TIP: Make sure the filename of your image contains your targeted key phrase. It is automatically added to your Pin’s description. Example: cute-kitten-jumping.jpg is better than IMG2013-0702.jpg



B. Using #Hashtags and @Mentions


You have a 500 character limit on Pin descriptions. Use that to your advantage by adding keywords with #hashtags and @mentioning other Pinterest users or brands.


1. #Hashtags will automatically hyperlink to its corresponding Pinterest keyword search. It will include your Pin whenever another user searches for that keyword. Example: #monstersuniversity will lead to


2. Use the @Username similar to Facebook and Twitter to mention someone in a Pin’s description. This alerts the person you mentioned them and drives them to your pin. It also automatically hyperlinks to their profile. Example: @Skreened Tees notifies the user and links to



C. Repin A Pin

You can repin any pin you've found on Pinterest to your own board. When you repin, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. A repin keeps the source of the original pin no matter how many times it’s repinned.


To repin a pin:

  1. Hover over the pin and click Pin It. Or, open up the pin large view and click Pin It.
  2. Choose the board you'll pin to and add a description to your pin.
  3. Click Pin It.



Next Up in Part Three: Likes and Pin It Extension