Skreened Help / FAQ

We accept several image file formats:

We recommend a 200dpi (dots per inch) file at actual print size. (Actual print size is 11" X 17")
Templates are available for download here: .PSD (photoshop) .JPG .PNG

Either color space is acceptable. Please note, we do not “color match.” However all prints will be as close to the selected color as possible.

Scaling a small image to print large on a shirt doesn't look great. Beware of scaling small images on the create page. An easy test is to print the image out at home at the size you want it to appear on the shirt. If it looks acceptable, it will probably be ok.

If possible, use no or low compression / High Quality (for .jpg / .jpeg files)

  • Avoid using image file names with special characters and/or spaces.
  • Very large images above 2200 x 3400 pixels.
  • 16 or 32 bit .png files

At Skreened, you can get most styles and colors of custom shirts printed two ways.

1. No White Underbase
White becomes transparent. Any white in your uploaded file will render on the preview screen and print as transparent. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, the "Multiply" layer style is a good simulation of how the print will turn out.

Colors lighter than the garment will not appear brighter than the garment but rather tint it to that hue. To get a hands-on understanding of this, use our create page to upload and preview your image. The preview shown on the page presents a very accurate view of the final product in most cases.

2. White Underbase
Uploading a graphic (.GIF or .PNG formats) with proper transparent settings will allow you to powerfully control where to print white on many shirt styles and colors that we offer. When you upload a file, you can check the box that says "Add a white underbase" and your design's preview will reflect how the item will print. Note: there is a small additional charge for printing an underbase on shirts.

The create tool has a built-in minimum resolution to prevent images from being stretched so far that the quality noticeably deteriorates. If you upload an image and you can't get it large enough, the solution is to go back to your original art file and make sure it is a high enough resolution (we recommend 200dpi) at the actual size you want the image printed.

Note: if you take a low-resolution image and make it bigger in a photo editing program, it will most likely cause some deterioration of the image. Please understand that if your image looks pixelated or blurred, it will be printed that way.


Your file may be too large. shrink it down to 2000 X 2000 pixels or smaller and try again. Also, try closing and opening your web browser, or trying a different web browser.

Please make sure your image file name contains no spaces or special characters.

Additionally, sometimes slower or congested internet connections may complicated uploading large files. In this case, our advice is to both try again and be patient.

If these don't help, please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can fix it.

All designs on Skreened are manually reviewed before going live to your shop. This ensures each design in our marketplace meets our Terms Of Service agreement.

If your design is already published and you would like to make an edit to its artwork or any of its accompanying information, you can do so by making your changes, then hitting ‘Submit For Review’. This will send your design back to our review team. There may be a delay or removal of the design before updates are made.

We understand this may be an inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Taking time to manually review each design helps uphold the integrity of our marketplace. We appreciate your understanding.