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Skreened Help / FAQ

Your commission is the dollar amount you add to the base price of an item. When your design sells, the amount of commission earned will appear in your ledger.

How much you earn depends on what commission you set. Based on extensive research regarding price sensitivity, we discovered commissions over $4.00 have increasing marketing costs required to sell high-cost items. Simply put, it takes more money to sell items that cost more money to customers.

This discovery led to a Marketplace Optimization Adjustment (MOA) for commissions set above $4.00, with a hard commission cap at $10.00 USD. Please read the next section to learn more about the MOA.

In addition, you can set both a store-wide commission or an individual design commission. The individual item's commission will override the store-wide commission. Individual item commissions are also subject to the MOA.

Here’s an example of setting an individual commission (vs. store-wide): Let's say you upload a design that you would like $4.00 USD for each time it sells. When creating that item, in the advanced settings, simply put "4" in the box for your commission. If someone orders that design on an item with a base price of $16.99, they will be charged $20.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax. Your ledger will then be credited $4.00 vs. the original commission set for your shop.

We continue to receive very valuable feedback from consumers regarding our prices, and have done extensive research surrounding price sensitivity.

Our research has determined that there is a significantly increased cost to market shirts set at a higher commission. This has a negative effect on the shopkeepers who won’t sell as many items, build repeat customers or get their message to the world.

In an effort to optimize our marketplace and offset these additional costs, we are instituting a Marketplace Optimization Adjustment (MOA) for any commission set above $4.01, with no commission exceeding $10.00 USD.

The MOA will directly reinvest back into the shopkeeping community. You’ll be contributing to a marketing force that is dedicated to your success as a shopkeeper and the marketplace’s success as a whole.

Additionally, the MOA will create more attractive price points for your customers, which is imperative for a healthy marketplace. An abbreviated MOA chart is below, but the full schedule can be viewed here. The MOA is effective beginning 5/2/2014 and will not affect ledger earnings prior to this date.

When you are in the initial shop page, you will see “Default Commission.” This is a commission that will be set on each design in your shop.

If you're interested in setting a different commission for certain designs, that can be found in the “Advanced Settings” in the setup for that specific design.

You can always go back and adjust both the Default Commission of your shop or the specific commission of an individual design this way.

User commissions are available 45 days after a purchase has been completed. This period accounts for any returns and exchanges as well as processing time.

Once this period has expired, you can request a commission payment.

After your request is received we have 10 business days to issue the commission.

No. You will only be charged the base price for the item. Note: You must sign in if you want to buy your own item without the commission charge.

Commissions are paid out by request only. To request payment of your commission, log in to your Skreened account and go to the Account > Ledger section. If your preferred payment method is PayPal, you must have the email address that is connected to your PayPal account listed in the Preferences section of your Skreened Account area.

If you are requesting payment by check, make sure your contact address is up-to-date. If the address is incorrect or absent, we will not be able to re-issue a payment.

There is a 45 day waiting period before you can request funds, after which we have 10 business days to process and issue the payment. This accounts for returns, exchanges and processing times.

There are 2 commission payout methods for you to choose from. You can specify these under Account > Preferences. If you want to receive payment, be sure that we have the proper contact and payment information for you.

  • A check in US Dollars issued via US Mail. Please verify your mailing address in your Skreened Contact Information.
  • An electronic payment sent to a valid PayPal email address. Standard PayPal fees may apply. (recommended)

There is a 45 day waiting period before you can request funds, after which we have 10 business days to process and issue the payment. This accounts for returns, exchanges and processing times.

Skreened often runs sales and discount promotions as well as other offers to encourage customers to purchase more of your products.

Your commission credit is based on the discounted price the customer pays. For example, if we run a promotion where all shirts are 20% off and you have a $4 commission on a certain design that is purchased, your commission on the design, through that particular promotion would be $3.20 (20% off of $4). The amount of the sale will be noted in your ledger.

If your commission is set at $4.01 or above, the MOA* will be applied post-discount. For example, if the same 20% off promotion is run sitewide, and your commission is set at $10.00, the effective commission will be $8.00 (20% off of $10). The MOA then applies to $8.00, resulting in a $4.80 commission credit to your account. Details of how the promotion and MOA applies to your commission will appear in your ledger.

*Marketplace Optimization Adjustment. Please read more in the “What is the MOA and what are its benefits?” section above.