Skreened Artist 101

Getting Started (2/5)

Start a shop

  • Sign in
  • Add a shop
  • Choose your shop name. (Don't worry, you can change it later)
  • Choose a URL for your shop. (Do worry because it's forever)
  • You can change your shop description, tags, shop image, and default commission later in your Shop Settings.
  • Click Start Your New Skreened Shop

Great! Now you're ready to create a shirt.

  1. Once you've completed your shop setup, select New Design.
  2. If you're uploading artwork you created in Photoshop, we recommend it be a maximum of 3300px wide in RGB format and saved as a JPG or PNG.
  3. If you're not uploading your own artwork, use the Text and Clip Art tabs to create a design.
  4. Once you're happy with your design, hit Continue.
  5. In the product preview, confirm that everything is on point by hitting Publish To Store.
  6. Add a Design Name. (Learn more)
  7. Add Tags and a Description. (Learn more)
  8. Hit Save. Your design is now awaiting review. This takes about 24 hours.