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Skreened Artist 101

Tips To Up Your Skreened Game (3/5)


We've been in the custom apparel business for a long time and we've picked up some useful information along the way. Here are 12 tips to get your selling game on point!


1. Bold Text

Thin text can look stylish, but it isn't always readable. Top-selling shirts use bold text, so add some heavy fonts to your tool kit.

2. Neutral Colors

Grey, white, and black shirts are far and away our best sellers.

3. Keep It Classy

Profane language can be funny, but it will keep lots of people from sharing it. Sorry, but it would appear that school dress codes have bled into adult life.

4. Use The Right Style

Choose your garment wisely.


5. Simple, Descriptive Titles

Keep it simple. The title is how people find products. Write a title that someone who wants your product is searching for.


6. Tag!

Tag all your designs. On the creation page, we recommend 5 tags for each product, so make sure you include them.

7. Get Descriptive

Insert descriptions about your products in the creation page. Elaborate on what your product is about. It should answer questions like "What design is on the product?", "Who would wear this product?" If your design contains text, make sure taht text is in the description, too.

8. Shops need love, too

Like your products, make sure all your shops have titles, tags, and descriptions so people can quickly find them.

9. Be Social

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. People can also find your products on Wanelo and Polyvore and Tumblr and Instagram and... you get the picture.

10. Make Connections!

Get excited about what you do and others will join in. Energy is infectious, so bring yours!

11. Research!

Check out social networks to see what's trending. Research what you love and get inspired!

12. Don't Spam. Period.

No one likes spam. Be intentional with where and how you post.