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Skreened Staff Picks

Jared Smith

Jared started work at Skreened in November of 2011. He is a CCAD graduate, and worked for a while building haunted house props and monsters. He's a beer snob, and enjoys gardening, hiking, and LARPing in his spare time.

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Alissa Head

Alissa is VP of Operations at Skreened! I have a Brady Bunch family. I like art, gardening, slow food, and knitting. Introvert. Part-time vegan.

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Sara Matthiesen

Hi! I'm Sara, Director of Customer Relations at Skreened. I love moonlit walks on the beach and Sundays in the park....oh tea and crumpets! That's my alter-ego, Tara.

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skreened employee

Leah Lawrence

Leah started work at Skreened in December of 2012. She has worked on air and behind the scenes at radio and television stations for the past 4 years, and loves all things related to broadcasting, music, twerking, Justin Timberlake, or Glee.

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Abby Nelson

Abby, Human Resources Manager, is a Georgia native who moved to Columbus by way of Switzerland, Oregon, and Vermont!  Beginning as a Production Associate when Skreened was only 20 people big, she helped develop the Administration and HR Departments.  She is a certified Urban Cycling instructor and loves creating a safe, sassy and fun environment for others.  Performing with puppet troupes, her most recent projects are Columbus' OpenHeartCreatures and Vermont's Bread and Puppet Theater.

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Eric Kuprel

Eric is a fine worker who fixes all the things at Skreened. He rides a scooter. Wears a hoodie. And, can't control himself when it comes to chocolate coated, peanut butter, hard shelled candies.

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Matt Cushwa

"Cush" has been Production Manager at Skreened since July 2012. Living everyday with PMA!

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