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Twitch plays Pokemon - Show everyone that you will be online watching "Twitch plays pokemon" with this retro print.
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think positive - Be and "think positive" with this fun science design.
College of Gallifrey (hoodie) - "College of Gallifrey" Show your support for one of the best College's in the universe and you're love for Doctor Who.
All the Science - "All the Science" The best Scientist all on one shirt!
Magic that Works - Science is Magic that works!
Because Chemistry (baseball) - "Because Chemistry" The fanciest of all memes, the bow tied Chemistry Cat!
Scientific Method - I'll Show You My Scientific Method.
Blinded By Science - "Blinded By Science" Are you blinded by Science too?
I Heart Nerds - "I Heart Nerds" A different way to show your nerd love!
DNA Checks Itself Before It Wrecks Itself - Why is gene mutation so uncommon in DNA? Because DNA Checks Itself Before It Wrecks Itself, duh. Wear this to let everyone know how much smarter you...
Her Batman (Couples Part 1) - "Her Batman." Your her Knight in shining Darkness. Celebrate your comic book worthy love story with this partner-in-crime look.
Her Boo - "Her Boo"
His Boo - "His Boo"
A Batman In Uniform Valentine - "I love a man in uniform." The Batman universe just got a little more love. The perfect Valentine's look for all DC comic fans, get this gift for...
I'm Harley Joking - "I Love You & I'm Harley Joking". Show you love someone like Harley Loves Joker.
Chess King Soulmate (Couples Part 1) - "King." Make Valentine's Day a royal affair. The perfect look for your stately companion, this king's chess piece adds a smart air to your love...
Face Poke 2 - "Face Poke 2"
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scratch them - Let the boys know that you don't wanna touch them let alone "scratch them" with this fun tee.