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Beware the Wasilla Witch AntiPalin Tshirt

Beware the Wasilla Witch AntiPalin Tshirt
ITEM 132232-HT102-WHI
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Description:  Halloween is coming just a few days before Election Day in 2008, with a wicked witch of the west sweeping down on her brookstick from Wasilla, Alaska, running for Vice President of the United States. Yes, it's Sarah Palin, with her evil plans of special tax loopholes for big oil corporations and nothing but eye of newt for working Americans. Wear this shirt for Halloween, because there is nothing more frightening to a trick or treater than the idea of Sarah Palin becoming President of the United States. Be spooky, and make your point at the same time.

The one thing that's not frightening about this political Halloween shirt is the labor that went into it. None of the shirts here were made in sweatshops. They're all made in the USA, using the fair labor and fundamental environmental standards we all ought to be able to count on.

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