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Do I Look Like an Illegal Immigrant To You? T-Shirt


The Border Patrol's been doing it for a long time; now the Arizona state and local police are joining in the game. Despite constitutional protections against search and seizure of papers without probable cause, these government officials are sizing up people walking down the street and driving down the highway, deciding if they look suspiciously like illegal immigrants, demanding immigration papers or birth certificates, and then putting people who don't happen to have such papers on them into detention until they can prove their citizenship or immigration status -- something that's hard to do when you're stuck in the pokey. You and I know how this is done: it's racial profiling on the basis of skin color, and it targets the millions of legal brown-skinned American citizens and residents for harassment and worse. Call out the racism for what it is with this shirt -- Do I Look Like an Illegal Immigrant to You? -- with handcuffs forming the center of the message.

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