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Drawing Mohammed is Not a Crime (Shirt)

Drawing Mohammed is Not a Crime (Shirt)
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Description:  Over at CafePress, they won't let people publish any message with an image of Mohammed. CafePress features images promoting the clubbing and shooting of liberals, and that's apparently OK, but just drawing an image of Mohammed is unforgivable. Why? You tell me.

Some say that cartoonists are responsible for the deaths caused by rioting Muslims who don't like their cartoons. To claim that is to assume that Muslims are like little children who are incapable of controlling themselves and behaving like civilized human beings. Do you think that Muslims are little children incapable of self-control? I don't.

It's nonsense to claim that Muslims are just so inherently crazy that they will have no choice but to go rush out and kill somebody whenever they see a drawing of the prophet Mohammed. Do you think Muslims are crazy? I don't.

Muslims do have the capacity to make moral decisions for themselves without corporations playing thought cop for them. Enough!

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