Huckabee is the Ape-Man of the Republican Party

Huckabee is the Ape-Man of the Republican Party
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Description:  Mike Huckabee ran for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States in 2008. His strategy: Embrace the most extreme version of the right wing agenda. If you're a Republican right winger, you can be sure that Mike Huckabee supports every item on your agenda, no matter how kooky.

Mike Huckabee grabbed particular attention when he made it clear at a presidential debate that he does not believe in the reality of biological evolution through natural selection. Come to think of it though, Mike Huckabee is living proof that humans descended from more ape-like ancestors. He's kind of like a living fossil, a bizarre genetic throwback to humanity's knuckle-walking days.

Wear this t-shirt to mock Huckabee's anti-evolution attitudes, with the motto: Mike Huckabee is the ape-man of the GOP.

Like all the shirts we sell here at Skreened, this one is made in the USA, with Search:  mike, huckabee, ape, man, evolution

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