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John McCain '08 - Like Hope, Only Different

John McCain '08 - Like Hope, Only Different
ITEM 16211-HT102-WHI
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Description:  The John McCain for President campaign offers a message like hope, only different. Different how? Different as in paranoid ramblings about secret terrorist conspiracies and the need to keep Americans afraid.

John McCain supports the worst aspects of the right wing culture of Homeland Security: Secret torture prisons, no more habeas corpus, electronic spying against Americans, and a war without end justified by always shifting excuses, all in order to make the corporations and their sets of lobbyists, consultants and PR hacks rich.

Say no to the negative fear mongering of the John McCain for President campaign with this t-shirt that mocks McCain's fear-inspiring ways. John McCain cannot understand the message of hope, and that's why he must never become President of the United States.

These shirts are all made in the USA - as is the case everything Search:  homeland security, paranoia, paranoid, fear, like

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