Typical Illegal Immigrant Clothing T-Shirt

Typical Illegal Immigrant Clothing T-Shirt
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Description:  With the passage of Arizona State Legislature Bill SB 1070 into law, state and local police join the Border Patrol in sizing up people walking down the street, deciding whether they look like an illegal immigrant, demanding the production of immigration papers, and detaining those who don't have any on them.

Problem: how do you tell who looks like an illegal immigrant? You could just go by the color of someone's skin, but that would be racist: there are millions of brown-skinned American citizens and legal immigrants in the state of Arizona, and there are plenty of light-skinned illegals. Congressman Brian Bilbray's got it all figured out, though: see, illegal immigrants all wear the same kind of clothes.

Mock that inane notion with this Typical Illegal Immigrant Clothing T-shirt that looks... typical.

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