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We Are Not Second Class Citizens Arizona T-Shirt

We Are Not Second Class Citizens Arizona T-Shirt
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Description:  How would you describe a policy in which a policeman approaches you while you're peacefully minding your own business and, because your skin is a certain color, demands to see the papers you must carry to prove you belong where you are? Would you say that was a Jim Crow policy? Would you call it racist? Well, such a policy isn't history, although you might call it Jose Crow now. In Arizona, police officers can do and actually are required to profile people and without any evidence of wrongdoing require them to show their citizenship papers. If a person -- citizen or immigrant -- happens not to have their birth certificate or driver's license on them, it's off to detention until they can affirmatively prove who they are. This shirt is for the brown-skinned people of Arizona who live here and belong here and who have had enough of being profiled and harassed and shuffled around and detained and treated like illegal objects. Is this you? Say Enough! We are NOT 2nd Class Citizens!

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