But Barack Obama Knows the Alphabet!

But Barack Obama Knows the Alphabet!
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Description:  America's kids roll their eyes as they watch adults hyperventilate about the so-called "issue" of race in the 2008 presidential election. America's children are wise enough to know that race is not an issue, and wonder why adults can't move on beyond the ugly past.

Progressive kids mock the racism of the adults around them, and make fun of the thick-headed presidency of George W. Bush, with this t-shirt that satirizes the racist language of adults who question whether a black man can ever be President of the United States: I like Barack Obama, but is America ready for President who knows the whole alphabet? President Bush can't even make it to W.

As with all the items made at skreened, the kids' shirts with this pro-Obama design are made in the USA without any sweatshop labor, so you'll do the right thing as you support the right candidate in 2008.

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