But Barack Obama Obeys the Law!

But Barack Obama Obeys the Law!
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Description:  Mock the racists who campaign against Barack Obama for President with this made in America campaign t-shirt. The racists ask with feigned resignation, "I like Obama, but is America ready for a black President?" Please! The only people in America who aren't ready for a black President are bigots, and why would we want to let bigots choose our next President?

Come back with this zippy one liner, which satirizes the racist rhetoric at the same time as it makes fun of the criminal presidency of George W. Bush: "I like Obama, but is America ready for a President who obeys the law?"

For every one of these shirts we sell, Irregular Times will donate $1 to a progressive political cause and issue another $1 worth of Kiva microloans to the developing world. (Search:  crimes, criminal, bush, obama, barack obama