We are a group of 5 students studying at NAIT. We are enrolled in Jay Krysler\'s MGMT 345 and are conducting a class project that involves starting a new venture with all the proceeds going to charity. We are starting from the ground up and are looking to get enthusiastic people involved. Our teacher gave everyone in the class a $5 bill and told us to use that as a start for a new small business. We broke into groups of five (I believe there are 5 groups of 5 in the class) and began brainstorming ideas. We then signed a contract that stated that our class will pool the revenue generated and donate it to a charity. The experience that we get from doing this will help us tremendously in our careers not only for our resumes but just the experience itself will help us learn what entrepreneurs go through with the start up of their own venture. Our group decided that charity work was one route that we would go due to the low start up costs and the fact that we are not allowed to sink


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