Pressplay Music Apparel By Angelina - All began as a branding canvas to spread her love and passion for the art of Music. This fresh new line is Inspired by Artists, Musicians, Producers and all who have one common goal, for the listeners to hear their talent, their works, their true purpose by using two words, "Press Play" Angelina diversified her new line with word expressions giving everyone a voice to express their musicality without saying a word, such as (Press Play- I Do Music) (Press Play- I Write Music), (Press Play - I Produce Music) (Press Play - I Sing) (Press Play - I Rap) and more! Anyone attending events worldwide wearing the Angelina "Pressplay Music Apparel" By Angelina will generate conversation at first glance showcasing one persons musical strength. Be on the lookout for rising star Angelina She is Co-Ceo of Trackwriterz also Rapper/Singer/Songwriter Many great things are to come under the whole Trackwriterz Umbrella

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