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Running Mates: Shirts for Obama-Biden 2012 and More


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are running mates again in the 2012 presidential election. Show your support for the re-election of our Democratic ticket with one of our many Obama-Biden t-shirts, designed by Irregular Times for these highly irregular times. Was the Obama-Biden ticket not your top chioce? Then why not make another pick for memory's sake? Obama-Bayh? Not my cup of tea, but there you have it. Obama-Feingold? That would have been cool. Obama-Kaine? How about Obama-Sebelius? Now that rolls off the tongue. Keep the memory of past possibility alive. You don't have to compromise your dearest ethical principles to promote your favorite political principals. Each and every shirt we offer here is made ethically and sweatshop-free in the USA by American Apparel. Now that's comfort in a t-shirt.
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