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Obama-Einstein '08 campaign shirt

Obama-Einstein '08 campaign shirt
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Description:  No, Albert Einstein could not truly run for VIce President as Barack Obama's running mate. For one thing, Einstein was born outside of the United States. For another thing, he's dead. Still, that's not the point.

The point is that Barack Obama shares the same kind of intelligent optimism that Albert Einstein became famous for. In essence, Barack Obama is running for President in partnership with the idealistic vision of Albert Einstein.

Like Barack Obama, Einstein spoke of the ability of hope to overcome the fears and hatreds of the past. Consider the following statement by him, made in 1932 in Germany: "O Youth: Do you know that yours is not the first generation to yearn for a life full of beauty and freedom? Do you know that all your ancestors felt as you do - and fell victim to trouble and hatred? Do you know also, that your fervent wishes can only find fulfillment if you succeed in attaining love and understanding of men, and animals, and plants, and stars, so that every joy becomes your joy and every pain your pain? Open your eyes, your heart, your hands, and avoid the poison your forebears so greedily sucked in from History. Then will all the earth be your homeland, and all your work and effort spread forth blessings."

In 2008, I hope that we will finally listen to the Einstein's message of hope.

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