What do we mean by giving hope?

Kiva - loans that change lives

Since Skreened was founded in 2006, we have set aside a portion of our profits to give away. We've given to several worthy organizations over the years and have since committed to one organization who's purpose closely matches our own hearts here.

Every month we have the privilege of funding micro-loans through The funds are invested in individual entrepreneurs across the globe.

Giving, in fact, one of the most exciting things we do at Skreened. You can see what we are currently invested in by visiting our page on

What happens when the loans are repaid?

Simple, we lend them back out. The money is designated to be given.

One of the most important reasons Skreened exists is to be an economic engine for giving. That will never change, and we believe it will only change the world around us.

Current Kiva Loans

Visit our lender profile page on KIVA to see our current lending projects. There's even a cool map view to show where our loans are impacting entrepreneurs around the world.

Our KIVA Team

Do you have a KIVA account? If so, join our team on KIVA and give with us. Sign up for your own account on kiva it's easy and very fun and fulfilling. Of course, you can give to whatever charity moves you.