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99 Problems But A Mitt Ain't One - Congrats to President Obama on his 2nd term.
OOPS! (OBAMA) - Now that is some change to believe in!
Obama Pepsi - The Obama campaign has an awesome resemblance to the pepsi style this shirts capitalizes on the resemblance.
Obama (Vintage Pespi) - Support Obama in this vintage pepsi inspired design!
Mint the Trillion Dollar Coin -
We the People Are Tired White - Deficits, debt ceilings, the economy, Republicans, Democrats, Medicare, Social Security, and nearly every other issue that the government is working...
Bird Snuffy 2012 - Romney said he liked Big Bird, but that he would cut subsidies to PBS. Well, look out, because change is coming to Sesame Street.
Yes We Cannabis! - Democrats Abroad, passed a resolution on April 25 recommending the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states. Prohibition is a corrupt enterprise....
Left-Wing Politics - Democrats represent your left-Wing views with this cool logo T-Shirt.
Obama smokes bones - you are not the only one who enjoys puffin on Newport's so does our president.
Recycle Obama - Obamas can be recycled twice, be sure to get the full use and value of yours! Re-elect President Obama in 2012. The recycle symbol around the Obama...
Obama Two Terms - Obama Two Terms - Patriotic Barack Obama for president in 2012 shirts & gifts
Fire Obama - Fire Obama - Trump for President in 2012 - Anti Democrat Shirts & Gifts
Re Elect Obama - He Gets Things Done - President Obama has reformed health care, got bin Laden, repealed DADT, got Khadafi, and is bringing the troops home from Iraq. What's not to like?...
Bush FAIL - President George W. Bush Fail blog parody. Worst ever Republican conservative satire funny joke humor.
Barack Obama Thumbs Up - President Obama gives a thumbs up with the American flag in the background! Collectible President Barack Obama shirts
President Obama Four More Years - Four more years for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! Commemorative tshirt will be treasured for years to come. Get this one while...
Obama 44th President T-Shirt - Obama 44th President T-Shirt
Mitt Romney don't pay no tax! - Mitt Romney don't pay no tax!
Vote Obama 2012 - Obama 2012