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(canon) Ravenclaws for Obama - All the smarties in Ravenclaw will look good casting their ballots this November while sporting their true house colors.
Ravenclaws for Obama - All the smarties in Ravenclaw know that there's no better way to support their candidate than by wearing this high-quality, sweatshop-free,...
Slytherins for Obama - Sure, you would think most Slytherins would be voting for Romney, but smart Slytherins know that Wizards Who Work Together Get To Party Together. ...
Hufflepuffs for Obama - If nothing else, at least students from Hufflepuff can take pride in this badass-looking Obama shirt. Badgers Go Blue in 2012!
Gryffindors for Obama - Be brave, young wizard! Obama in 2012!
Wizards for Obama - Show your wizardly support for the US version of Kinglsey Shacklebolt! Wizards for Obama in 2012!