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Poodle Nerd - Cute cartoon poodle nerd with pink fur and horn-rimmed glasses. T-shirts, hoodies, bags, gifts.
I love/heart my doggie - I love my doggie t shirts and apparel.
Love My Pug - Love My Pug t shirts and apparel.
I love/paw my Pug - I love/paw my Pug t shirts and apparel.
I love/paw my Great Dane - I love/paw my Great Dane t shirts and apparel.
I love/paw my Blood Hound - I love/paw my Blood Hound t shirts and apparel.
Ilove/paw my Basset Hound - I love/paw my Basset Hound t shirts and apparel.
Yorkshire Terrier Thoughts - Your Yorkie is thinking "Please don't step on me".
Rottweiler - Your Rottweiler is thinking "If I just look tough, no one will discover that I'm actually a big baby."
Pug Thoughts - Your Pug is thinking "Don't all dogs look like this?"
Poodle - Your Poodle is thinking "Je suis magnifique!"
Pomeranian - Your Pomeranian is thinking "I am a large ferocious dog".
Pit Bull Thoughts - Your Pit Bull is thinking "I don't see what the fuss is about. I just want to cuddle."
Mutt Thoughts - Your Mutt is thinking "I'm the best kind of dog".
Mastiff Thoughts - Your Mastiff is thinking "I don't have drool on my face, do I?"
Labrador Thoughts - Your Labrador is thinking "You know what would make this way better? A pond."
Great Dane Thoughts - Your Great Dane is thinking "I am a lap dog".
Golden Retriever Thoughts - Your Golden Retriever is thinking "Did someone just say ball?!"
German Shepherd Thoughts - Your German Shepherd is thinking "Pssshhh. I could be in a movie. What's so special about Rin-Tin-Tin."
French Bulldog Thoughts - Your French Bulldog is thinking "I can hear absolutely everything".